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Lunch menu




MONDAY 19/June

  • Thank you for your support to the Summer Concert last week. The photographs have been uploaded to flickr
  • Ceredigion Choir rehearsal
  • Year 1 visit the National Library during the morning


  • No message


  • Coding Club 3:30-4:30pm


  • Swimming for yrs.3&4

FRIDAY 23/June

  • Clwb Chwys Trabŵd running club for yrs.2-6



Lunchtime menu

19th - 23rd of June 2017

Monday 19/06/17

LUNCH: Fish fingers, chips, vegetable sticks and peas
PUDDING: Gateaux


Tuesday 20/06/17

LUNCH: Spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread, peas and sweetcorn
PUDDING: Oatie cookie and milk


Wednesday 21/06/17

LUNCH: Sausages, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, carrots and broccoli
PUDDING: Shortbread and pears


Thursday 22/06/17

LUNCH: Chicken grills, waffles, beetroot salad and baked beans
PUDDING: Chocolate brownie and fruit

Friday 23/06/17

LUNCH: Chicken curry, rice, naan bread and vegetables
PUDDING: Raspberry ice cream roll



26th - 30th of June 2017

Monday 26/06/17

LUNCH: Fish fingers, baked beans, potatoes and vegetables
PUDDING: Apple scone and custard


Tuesday 27/06/17

LUNCH: Chicken fillet, stuffing, potatoes, carrots and broccoli
PUDDING: Jelly and cream


Wednesday 28/06/17

LUNCH: Mild chilli beef, rice, peas and baguette
PUDDING: Peach melba


Thursday 29/06/17

LUNCH: Meatballs in tomato sauce, pasta, peas and sweetcorn
PUDDING: Chocolate rice krispie cake and juice

Friday 30/06/17

LUNCH: Pizza, chips, beetroot salad and salsa
PUDDING: Pear and chocolate muffin with milk



* It is possible the menu will need to change occasionally due to reasons beyond the control of the kitchen staff. We hope these occasions will be rare.


Paying for school meals

The cost of school meals for this half term is £--.--


Cheques payable to 'Ceredigion County Council'

Any credit you have at the end of each half term is carried on to the following half term.